Sometimes You Just Need A little Push

We have all found ourselves in a tough situation in life. It may be a job that you want to get out of, or your home life is going through financial challenges. I believe many of us hold on to what is safe for our security blanket. Sometimes you just need a little push in life. In my case, I wanted to get out of my job, and always wanted to start a business, but was kind of afraid. Then I got my little push (out the door of the company I was working for). Sometimes, you may just need a verbal push to start you on your journey to success.

Eric Wilson

About the Author

Eric Wilson is President of I Sell Health, Inc. A full-Service insurance agency in the Chicago Area. He is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and North Dakota. He has been in the industry since 1991. Wilson opened his own agency in 2004. He has been featured in The Suit Magazine, LifeHealth Pro and Benefits Pro, as well as, ABC, NBC, CNN and Fox. He has also written the “Guest Editorial” multiple times for California Broker Magazine. He specializes in individual health insurance, Medicare and Tax-Free Retirement Solutions.


Excerpt from Sometimes You Need A Little Push

I survived eating a lot of macaroni and rice for about a year. While it was a tough year it was a good lesson in survival. I worked hard at the job and really learned the business. Since I did not know anyone in town I got to the office early and stayed late. About a year later I got promoted and moved to Columbus, Ohio. Columbus was a troubled market for this company and it was losing about $20,000 a month when I arrived. In the beginning, I still was not making much money, but I was single so I did not have huge expenses and rent was lower in Ohio than DC, so was the cost of living. It took about two years of 10 to 12 hour days to make that location successful. It became one of the top offices in the country. I spent seven years with the same company in Ohio and met my wife along the way…….

What Others Are Saying About Sometimes You Need A Little Push:


 Reading this book, I can see that every person has struggles in life. It is our choices and sacrifices that make all the difference. It is not always a win every time we step onto the field but as long as we learn from our mistakes, we tend to grow. Eric Wilson tells a story that many of us can relate to in our own lives. He talks about common core values of hard work, failures, family, and ultimately success. He gives a unique perspective on how he has dealt with these issues in his personal and professional life. A lesson to people who think that success is a birthright without work or sacrifice.  
– Mike Zappala, grew up in the same town as Eric Wilson

 Having been Eric’s teacher in high school, I can attest to his passion, resolve, dedication and hard work. These qualities matter! In this chapter, Eric reminds us that learning never stops and that with patience and persistence one can achieve success. I am proud of Eric and the man he has become.  
– Joe Bertolino, President Lyndon State College


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